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Post by Ana Bravo on Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:45 pm


Structure will always be very important on this website, as any website where a community comes together for entertainment. Wherever friendships and/or interactions take place, RESPECT must be present. If anything is taken from this rules list, it's just to RESPECT OTHERS.

1] This is a place where Tolerance rules. The Administration will not let bullying slide. SS is a place of acceptance. Whoever comes to one of the Admins or Mods with complaints of bullying or slander is expected to give a sincere debriefing of the situation at hand, and the suspect shall also be questioned. If it is found that bullying has taken place, based on the severity, privileges may be revoked temporarily or a possible ban may take place.
SS is not by any means a place where feminists rule or we demand gender neutrality or anything, we aren't going to be difficult. However, please try your best to tolerate others and accept how they wish to be interacted with.

2] In relation to Rule 1, please be open-minded and try to understand that many things should be taken lightly. Nothing has to be serious all the time-- JOKES EXIST! Some people have a bit of a dark sense of humour (myself included), but they (we) will be tasteful and try their (our) best to keep from offending. However, that only goes so far! The users here must have a sense of humour and they may mustn't be easily offended.

3] I'm not going to tell the users to type novellas every time they reply in a roleplaying session, but honestly speaking, one-liners are beyond agitating for many people. Writer's block happens to everyone, sure. However, it's never that hard to fill in space with observations or emotion (see Tips for RP). During an RP, try to make it a bit long. Not too long, not too short. A good medium between Harry Potter and a drabble.
Also, refrain from "text lingo" in RP and as much as possible in OOC threads. No one is required to have stellar grammar (everybody makes mistakes) but it isn't difficult to spell out a word. Even if it's incorrect, as long as you try it's alright! In OOC threads, it's fine to shorten "you" to "u" and the like, as long as it doesn't hinder the reader's ability to understand you.

4]  Please respect other people's privacy. You yourself may give your private information at your own discretion (though it is highly unadvised!!) but if you have a connection IRL with someone, please respect their privacy and keep their information between you two. If they wish to remain anonymous, let them stay anonymous.

5] In order to participate in RP, you must have at least ONE ACCEPTED CHARACTER! You may have up to three characters per account, and as many accounts as you like as long as they all remain active. There will be notifications sent to any inactive user as a warning before their account becomes disabled, where it may become reactivated as the Administrators see fit. There will be regular sweepings of the website to clean out any dormant topics, characters, and accounts. If you wish for a topic, character, or account to be brought back, please message an Administrator.

× Rules and Regulations may be updated as the need arises. ×  

"Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we are proud of. Some will haunt us forever."
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